What is Progoti?

Progoti means "progress" in Bengali. It is a concept brand from the company Poshak designed to inform and empower consumers to support garment workers in Bangladesh by helping secure long-term financial security for themselves and their families.

Why is it needed?

Garment workers in Bangladesh and other developing countries experience low wages and poor working conditions. Legal protections are weak, often due to the political influence of factory owners or the lax enforcement of laws and regulations.

What does Progoti envision?

We hope offering our brand at cost prices, with an option for customers to add a voluntary contribution in an amount of their choice, will have several benefits:

  • It empowers consumers to vote with their wallets through supporting an ethical brand in the marketplace
  • Selling at cost price ensures all expenses are covered, eliminating financial risks to factories and making them more likely to participate

All contributions go directly towards purchasing individual life insurance/pension policies for workers enrolled in the program, eliminating risk of loss through factory or government involvement.

We will expand program to cover more workers as contributions allow.

How much does it cost to help one worker for one year under Progoti's program?

Approximately C$198 buys one policy for one year.

How do I add a contribution to my order? Can I contribute without making a purchase?

At the top of the home page click "Add Contribution for Workers". This will take you to a page similar to other products, simply select an amount of your choice and add it to your cart. You can contribute without making any other purchases.

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