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Progoti is a clothing brand that aims to drive change in Bangladesh's garment industry by purchasing Life Insurance & Pension policies for workers through customer contributions. We believe that empowering customers to choose their contribution amount allows for more awareness and a mindful reflection on this issue.

Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest clothing manufacturer with women making up 80% of the workforce. The 2013 Rana Plaza disaster highlighted unsafe conditions of the industry, with most of the 1,134 dead and 2,500 injured being garment workers. Unfortunately, despite increased scrutiny, self-serving political and business interests continue to hinder progress towards fair conditions for workers. Consequently, low wages (CAD$80 or USD$ 60 a month) make it impossible for workers to save for their long-term welfare.

Progoti's pricing model provides significant savings compared to traditional retail prices of similar quality products. Our prices are less expensive because our mandate is to use business as a vehicle for change, instead of a vehicle for profits. In return, we encourage customers to make a voluntary contribution to purchase policies for the workers who made their clothes. 

In addition to life insurance and a monthly pension, the policies provide financial coverage for accidents. Each annual policy costs approximately C$198 (US$162), an amount beyond the means of workers, but very achievable with your support. Furthermore, all customer contributions go towards supporting workers because we directly partner with a policy provider.

To learn more listen to our founder interview, where she talks about the motivation behind the brand and her journey so far. https://soundcloud.com/onsocialimpact/progoti






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